Body and Paint

Upgrade the Look of Your Vehicle

Upgrade the Look of Your Vehicle

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Do you have a classic car that needs a fresh coat of paint? Do you need to make repairs to your vehicle's body? Turn to Dale's Auto Restoration and Performance for body and paint improvements. Once our work is finished, your vehicle will be ready for the next car show. Whether you need to replace parts or fix dents on your car's exterior, you can rely on us for high-quality work.

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You can trust us to make the improvements you want to get the car you envision. When you bring in your car for body and paint upgrades:

  • We’ll strip all the old paint off your car
  • We’ll align all panels
  • We’ll replace all rust and fix damaged areas
  • We do body work on all panels - we prime, block and sand
  • We’ll finish with a base / clear paint
  • Ultrafine sand and polish for a deep and smooth shine

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