Full Frame-Off Restoration

Fix the Body of Your Car With Thorough Work

Fix the Body of Your Car With Thorough Work

Trust us for body-off restoration services

If you have a classic car, the best way to get it show-ready is with a full frame-off restoration. This service involved disassembling the entire automobile to repair or replace any issues. Count on Dale's Auto Restoration and Performance for thorough repair services. By removing your car's body, we'll be able to find any issues quickly and replace parts easily. After we're finished, we'll reassemble the entire body correctly.

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Why it's a good idea to get a body-off restoration

Removing a car’s entire frame allows for much more thorough repair work than other methods. Our full frame-off restoration process involves:

  • We disassemble the entire car and look for hidden damage
  • The car is put on a rotisserie for blasting, underside and inside painting
  • Body is refinished, the frame and motor are rebuilt or replaced
  • All chrome is repaired or replaced
  • Interior replaced
  • Car reassembled

You won’t have to worry about us harming the body in any way. If you want your car to look flawless, call 701-258-5336 today.